Beltex™ - Ultimate Tactical belt

kkkk black
kkkk green
kkkk Khaki
kkkk Package 1 black
kkkk Package 1 green
kkkk Package 1 Khaki
kkkk Package2 black
kkkk Package 2 green
kkkk Package 2 Khaki
kk Package 1-2 black
kk Package 1-2 green
kk Package 1-2 Khaki
Belt Length

Tired of weak tactical belts made from poor quality materials? Try out our Beltex Tactical belt and you will be amazed. 

Beltex is made from Alloy buckle, Nylon belt and an extremely smooth tail. 

Not only is it made from extremely durable materials, Beltex is one of a kind non-slip belt which is environmental friendly.

Beltex has a quick release buckle giving it a robust reliability since it cannot be unlocked under external force.