Heavy Furniture Shifter

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Lifting heavy furniture or objects could possibly lead you to having serious back injuries. 

The good news is that you no longer have to struggle shifting those heavy objects, neither would you need to ask for help from others. You can now easily lift any kind of heavy furniture or objects around the house or wherever needed with this awesome heavy furniture shifter

The shifter comes with 4 pads to place your object on for ease of rearrangement of movement. You can now get those heavy objects off the way so that you can easily clean efficiently or just move them out altogether. 

Bulky furniture don't have to give you headaches anymore whenever you think of moving them from one point to another within the house. 

Our heavy furniture shifter can be used by anyone, no matter how strong you are. The gliding wheels are suitable for moving any kind of furniture or house appliances like fridges, washing machine, piano table and many more. 


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