Stainless Steel Lunchbox Tower

Pink 3 Layers
Pink 2 Layers
Pink 1 Layers
Green 1 Layers
Green 2 Layers
Green 3 Layers
Gray 2 Layers
Gray 3 Layers
Blue 1 Layers
Blue 2 Layers
Blue 3 Layers
Purple 2 Layers
Purple 3 Layers
Bags 1 Layer
Bags 2 Layers
Bags 3 Layers

This incredible Lunchbox Tower allows you to carry your lunch in style. Be it that you are going to hikes, work, picnics or even your baby needs a classy lunchbox for school, this is the go-to lunchbox. 

Our stainless steel lunchbox is eco-friendly and has the modern design incorporated to not only make it look amazing, but also offers you the possibility to carry a different variety of food all at once without mixing them. 

If you want to keep your food either warm or cold, the lunchbox tower has your back on this.


✔ Flexible & Easy to clean and store.- All the compartments can be separated for easy cleaning and packing of your lunch. you can as well decide to carry one or two compartments if you do not have too much to carry. 

✔ Leak Proof - Unlike those plastic lunchboxes that you are used to, this incredible lunchbox is totally leak proof. You can carry soups or any liquid foodstuffs without any leakage worries. Each layer has a screw-top locking system including an airtight seal. 

✔ Vacuum Insulated - The double-walled vacuum insulated exterior of the lunchbox will ensure that you lunch is kept cold or warm for up to 4 hours. 

✔ 1 year Warranty - We are proud of our products and stand by the quality we offer our customers. For that reason, this lunchbox comes with a one year warranty.