Magnetic Stainless Steel Invisible Doorstop


How many times have you encountered these hassles?

You want to keep your doors open, but a slight wind from outside slams the doors so hard and closes them, not forgetting the naughty pets and the playful kids closing the doors vigorously which might end up breaking the glass doors or damaging the wooden ones.

Our incredible magnetic door stopper ensures that you keep your doors open as you would want them to be without anything having to interfere with them. You can now keep that free airflow into the house without constant slamming.

Not only will you keep your doors safe, but your pets and kids are often at risk of getting injured when that door slams, this magnetic stopper ensures that everyone is safe. 

This incredible gadget can be used on the kitchen, bathroom or even bedroom doors. 

The magnetic door stopper does one job and does it perfectly. Stopping your doors. 


Heavy Duty - This door stopper might looks small but it is made of heavy duty metal and magnet which ensures that your doors, no matter how heavy they are, they get stopped as you wish. 

Easy to Install - No need for drilling hence you won't have to damage your floor, wall or even the doors. Just use 3M double-sided adhesive sticker if you don't want it to be permanently mounted. However, for longevity, screwing them is advisable.

Package Includes:

1 * Magnetic Door Stop
2 * Double-Sided Tapes
4 * Screw