All Purpose Bubble Cleaner

This All-purpose bubble cleaner foam makes cleaning seamless and effortless. 

Cleaning has never been hassle-free before. 

With this bubble cleaner foam, you don't have to scrub your items or surfaces. The foam consists of powerful mechanisms that penetrate into the dirt cleaning all the grime.

Just a single swipe and all the toughest stains are removed. 

Doing dishes will now become a fun-thing to do. You won't have to get anxiety anytime you think of doing your dishes. 

All the stubborn grease and stains in your kitchen will easily be removed with this incredible bubble foam cleaner. All you need to do is spray and rinse,and your surfaces will become fresh and brand new.

Besides leaving your surfaces and items sparkling clean, the foam leaves polish on the surface protecting against discoloration for up to 1 month. 


The foam is widely applicable since it works on almost all surfaces including fabric, canva, glass, vinyl, PVC, plastic, rubber, fiberglass and more.

Protects against discoloration from UV rays.

Package includes: 1 x All-Purpose Bubble Cleaner 200ml